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“A+ orthodontist! We love Dr. Divya and her staff! Everyone is friendly and genuinely cares about the patients. My children feel welcome and comfortable. Dr. Divya is patient, kind, very knowledgeable, and excellent with kids! This office offers more than just orthodontic care; it is a hidden little gem offering excellence.” — Regina

“What an amazing office! So glad we found you. How thankful we were to discover a dental/orthodontic practice that actually cares about their patients! We have been on five different consultations with local doctors within the past year, looking for a practice that would treat us fairly regarding care, expectations, and cost. We wanted a practice that would be friendly, pleasant, and efficient, as we knew we would be visiting on a regular basis once we had braces. In addition, I knew our entire family would be receiving service in the future, so therefore we wanted a great experience. We found so many offices with unfriendly staff, overpriced fees, up charges, hidden costs, long waits, and the list continued. Quite frankly, I was considering driving to another town in order to find a practice that actually went the extra mile to earn our business in times such as these — busy schedules, economy changes, and so on. With great result, we have found Dr. Skuben and Dr. Divya, (Dr. D, as we fondly call her) and we are absolutely thrilled with the level of care and attention. What a great day it was when I asked our friend for a good referral. She too was highly impressed and equally grateful to have found a diamond in our area. Thank you from the Rener Family; we appreciate you and will refer many patients in the future.” — Nikki

“My daughter’s first visit to the dentist and I cannot say enough about this office. From the staff to the doctor, everyone is so very nice and friendly, makes you feel you are right at home. Love the fact that it is such a family-oriented environment and the staff does not make you feel awkward. I recommend this dental office to everyone; you will like the experience just as much as I did.” — Jojo

“What a warm, friendly office. I’d originally came to the office for an Invisalign® consultation, but opted for regular braces instead because Dr. Divya explained to me the difference in treatment time. Though braces are kind of a drag, Dr. Divya and her staff try to make it as pleasant as possible when you come in for your visits. In my experience, she, Dr. Peter, as well as Martha, go above and beyond their normal call of duty to make their patients feel comfortable and taken care of. Highly recommend this office.” — Cynthia

“Dr. D and Dr. Skuben are amazing! They are so great at their craft; it helps to eliminate any anxiety I have about the procedures. I’ve always been a bit afraid of dentists (bad childhood experience), but after coming to Dr. D, I have a new perspective. I also really appreciate the follow-ups. Dr. D was so kind to call me two days after I got several spacers, just to see how I was feeling. It’s so nice to know that she cares enough to follow up and genuinely has an interest in how I was doing. They’ve definitely earned my trust, 100%!” — Olivia

“The office is welcoming and the staff is very friendly. The orthodontists and dentists here are very professional and make you feel very comfortable during the procedures. I have been going to this location for more than a year for my ceramic braces, and have had great results. My teeth straightened very nicely and the team really worked with me to make sure my experience was a positive one. This office is definitely a reliable place to go to for braces. Great results!” — Amy

“I love my dentist and orthodontist; they are such nice, genuine people and are very gentle. I found this office because it is right next to my house and they accept my insurance (it was super easy), so when I called to make an appointment, it was easy and fast and they were able to see me that week. I really like the atmosphere at the office and I felt instantly a part of their beautiful family. I now have had my braces for seven months and I feel like they aren’t even there. I have the clear braces and my friends tell me that they can’t even notice they are there. I am 21 with braces and I think it was the best investment of my life because I know that I will have an amazing smile that will last a lifetime.” — Haylee

“This is the first time I have had serious dental work in Southern California. I have appreciated all the service that was provided for me, especially in the situation that I am undergoing. I am comfortable knowing that I don’t have to worry about my teeth with family care dental and orthodontics. Dr. Skuben and Dr. Divya are incredible doctors who really do make it a comfortable visit. The atmosphere is cheerful and relaxing. This is a place where they remember your name, converse with you, and get to know you; what other dentist office asks you, ‘What are your hobbies?’ on a new patient form? You aren’t just another patient and I have really appreciated that sort of atmosphere. I’m even gladder that this dentist office is nearby my home and I don’t have to go looking around for a trustful dental office. Everything in their offices is up to date with technology, everything is practically pain-free with any procedure, and they let you know exactly what you’re getting done — you can ask questions comfortably without any hesitation. I recommend Newport-Mesa to anyone; my experiences were pain-free, comfortable, and relaxing. Thanks, Dr. Divya and Dr. Skuben, for providing excellent services to your customers!” — Jip

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