Dr. Peter Skuben - Cosmetic & Family Dentist

Dr. Peter Skuben was born in Czechoslovakia during a time when the Iron Curtain ran across Europe and separated the communist Eastern Bloc from freedom in the West. Dr. Skuben’s family escaped communist Czechoslovakia when he was ten and eventually resettled in California.

After finishing high school, Dr. Skuben majored in electrical engineering. While working for Raytheon on the Joint Strike Fighter F35 jet, he developed many high-tech skills that would later become invaluable for deploying the latest dental technology. After a few years, Dr. Skuben quit Raytheon to pursue a new career in dentistry.

He graduated from the University at Buffalo Dental School and immediately started taking advanced courses to expand and sharpen his skills.

  • He traveled on a dental mission to Nicaragua, where he placed dental implants free of charge to the local population.
  • He shadowed in the office of celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman
  • He did a mentorship with world renowned prosthodontist, Dr. William Hung
  • Became a Diplomate of the International Academy of Dental Implantology
  • Joined the study club at Glidewell Laboratories (the largest dental lab in the world) to stay on top of the latest advances in the dental field

Dental Philosophy

My goal is to provide the best patient experience with the latest dental technology in a friendly family atmosphere. Technology advances have made dentistry a highly visual profession. We have:

  • 3D X-rays that enable us to walk through teeth as we look for cavities, infections, and bone density
  • 3D optical scanners that take a virtual impression of teeth without needing to place an impression paste into the mouth
  • IR laser scanners, which we use to trans-illuminate teeth to look for cavities and cracks that are impossible to see with X-rays
  • Computerized anesthesia that allows a computer to numb up a tooth below the threshold of pain
  • Fluorescence imaging that we use during hygiene appointment to screen for oral cancer lesions
  • 3D printer for printing surgical guides for implant procedures or temporary veneers for smile evaluations

We live in an exciting time for dentistry, in which a lot of new technologies are slowly crossing over from other industries. It is for this reason that I regularly attend both dental and dental lab conventions several times a year to anticipate what is coming around the corner.

I invite you to stop by and chat about what the future holds for dentistry!


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